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Project Overview

This page describes a whole plan to coordinate all GRENE-ei topics. If you are interested in a specific topic, please access the Web site of each GRENE-ei research topic through the left “GRENE-ei link”.

Work plan

Basic plan is as follows;

  • To build a common infrastructure in order to use Data Integration and Analysis System (DIAS),
  • To support science based GRENE-ei researches from the viewpoint of information engineering,
  • To design outreach activities such as international symposium or workshop

More concretely,

  • To develop information management, analysis and visualizing methods and then to implement tools and applications fitted to each research topics,
  • To develop management system for each data contents,
  • To outreach through domestic and international symposium and to work for managing meetings, harmonizing for DIAS, supporting research developments



icon_triangle DIAS will become an information infrastructure for solving global issues by arrangement tools and contents.
icon_triangle GRENE-ei will generate new societal benefits and academic achievements through interdisciplinary collaborations such as water, agriculture, city and health.

Expected effects

icon_triangle Collecting integrated data and analysis results in each topic through using DIAS will lead new approaches for global issues.
icon_triangle Capacity building with accumulated knowledge and experiments will improve international competitiveness for our science and technology.